What is a stretch ceiling?

A stretch ceiling is an innovative, very practical and beautifully presentable solution for interior design and finishing. It is a kind of suspended ceiling, but its installation is clean - without dirt and dust, and usually takes 1 day. This system replaces the traditional ceiling made of gypsum cardboard plates, a finishing coat ceiling (of gypsum) or a modular system so-called 'armstrong' in a perfect way. It can also be mounted on an existing ceiling, e.g. made of gypsum cardboard plates or on walls.

For which rooms a stretch ceiling is suitable?

The stretch ceiling is perfect for both apartments and private houses (in the living room, kitchen, hall, bathroom, bedroom and children's room), as well as in offices and service and sales premises (e.g. beauty salon, hairdressing salon, pub, restaurant, SPA centre, dentist's or doctor's office, swimming pool, fitness centre, hotel, exclusive boutique).

How many years is the warranty for a stretch ceiling valid?

The manufacturer's warranty is granted for 15 or 10 years.

How to order a stretch ceiling?

We invite you to order a free and non-binding valuation. All you need to do is contact us by e-mail or telephone. After accepting the order, everything can be ready within 2 days.

Is the stretch ceiling safe?

Our ceilings meet today's safety standards. The foils are certified and suitable for both residential and public spaces.

How much do measurement and valuation cost?

They are cost-free and non-binding for the customer.

What are the types and colours of stretch ceilings?

This innovative technology of stretch ceiling allows you to create a unique interior. You can manoeuvre not only the shape and colour, but also the texture, levels, backlight, as well as add graphics and whatever will be created by you or your designer. The basic colour palette includes almost 100 colours. The membrane can be glossy, matte, satin, pearl, mirrored, textured. You can also make any overprint from your resources of graphics (photos) or million others found on the Internet.

What illumination can be mounted in the stretch ceiling?

Almost every illumination available on the market can be mounted to a stretch ceiling, e.g. a hanging lamp or a spot halogen lamp. The ceiling itself, when you choose a transparent foil, can provide you a unique illumination while using additional invisible strips of lighting.

How to take care and restore a stretch ceiling?

The stretch ceiling does not require any care of, and certainly no repainting. If it gets dirty, just wipe it with wet cloth. Painting is unnecessary, because the ceiling will not turn yellow; there will be no blooms from moisture and other discolouration (even after flooding by a neighbour from above). If, after a few years, you get bored with the colour, it is enough to replace the coating itself.

How much does a stretch ceiling cost?

The total cost depends on the type of membrane, colour, size, texture, shape, illumination used and many other technical parameters - therefore the valuation is carried out individually. Of course, it is free of charge and without obligation for you. Feel free to contact us - you will see yourself how competitive in terms of price and not only the application of a stretch ceiling is. Thanks to stretch ceilings, you can save time and cost of repainting the common ceiling for at least 15 years.

Where can I see the exposition of the stretch ceiling?

We invite you to our showroom located in Częstochowa. It is open only after the arrangement via telephone.

How to choose a stretch ceiling for your interior?

Ladies and Gentlemen, we provide ongoing assistance in choosing the right ceiling to meet your expectations. Each order visualisation is FREE.

How long does it take to install a stretch ceiling?

Sometimes only a few hours are required to stretch the ceiling. The advantage of our stretch ceilings is that they are made very quickly and in a clean way - without generating dust and debris. The assembly hours are adjusted to your requirements (for example after the opening hours of the service premises or point of sale).

Optical change of room size

We install the ceiling at any height. We can lower it to any height for example from 320cm to 260cm at no additional cost. Thanks to such measures, you gain savings in heating the room, and the resulting air gap is additional insulation.

Is it possible to use a membrane stretched on the wall?

Yes of course. There are no obstacles - the material is very flexible and, even after deformation, it quickly returns to its original shape.

If you have other questions

In this case, please contact us by phone, e-mail or via Facebook. We will try to answer every question.